A little bit about the person behind the camera....and why he's so interested in, and passionate about, what's in front of the camera.
The Dolomites, Italy

Ian hiking in the High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia.

Graphic Heart Photography is all about the photographic endeavours of Ian Jones.
Ian is an award-winning photographer, though he is the first to admit he is not the most technically proficient photographer pointing a lens.
His greatest photographic assets are his vision and his ability to creatively compose a shot, often taking a viewpoint most others don't even contemplate. His passion is to capture the heart of the subject, be it a landscape, or a person; an animal or a building. 

Photography has been a life-long passion for Ian, but certainly not his only creative activity. An artist and cartoonist, Ian has also spent many years as a teacher and a pastor.
He loves travel and the opportunity to enter into the lives of the people and the places he meets along the way. Having spent time in over 50 countries and worked alongside many different ethnic and language groups, Ian is well qualified to present the world of diversity through his photography.

This website doesn't just bring together a collection of great photos.
It brings together a passion for life, a love for people and  an appreciation of our world of beauty.

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"Graphic Heart Photography brings together a passion for life, a love for people and an appreciation of our world of beauty."